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i’ll be thereee for yooooooou….

Posted in celebrities with tags , , on February 26, 2010 by jentonelli

Words cannot express the joy that the series, “Friends” brought to my life. I’m not exaggerating and anyone who knows me will back me up. What other six people bring such charisma, diversity and comedy to a sitcom, exemplify sibling love, friendship, sexual tension and parent-child resentment, all while appealing to both male and female, young and old, single and married audiences alike. I may be biased, but my connection to Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross is irreplaceable. No TV Show will ever compare.

When the show had its final season, I was probably in 8th grade. DEPRESSION. I hysterically cried at about four times in the shows’ lifetime: When Ross finds out that Rachel loves him and he shows up at the coffee house in the rain, “With or Without You” plays and they kiss!!! Ahhh. Then when Rachel and Ross broke up the first time and she sits in the window, Ross calls Monica and tells her to put on the radio, he requests “With or Without You”, Third, when Chandler and Monica get engagedddd…. of course. And Finally, the season finale. Standing together in the kitchen. With the Purple door with the gold frame around the peep hole, my heart literally broke.

That being said, my mom bought me all ten seasons one year for christmas, fairly recently, probably four years go. She ordered some ghetto version that had chinese/japanese writing all over it and was dubbed half the time and all fucked up pardon my language, but to say the least I was pisssssssed. MOM! This is ruining the show for me. It was skipping, it was shutting off automatically. I was a mess over it. I probably didn’t eat or sleep over this. DEVASTATION!!!

Knock-off Chinese Version

So being the brat that I do not deny being, my mom got me the REAL ten seasons of Friends, complete with commentary, in ENGLISH, and a Coffee Table book with insider information on the show. DEDICATION my friends, DEDICATION……..

Actual Complete Box Set……

Will the cast reunite for a movie, probably not, even though Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox still have the amazing figures from their 20s.. Probably not… Will I stop pretending they are my real friends, quoting them, falling back on them for advice, dreaming I am the seventh friend? Absolutely not. But sometimes, and I say this only after more than 10 years of true understanding of the show, the cast and all its entirety, Love is the only word acceptable enough for your feeling of something. This my bloggies, is Unconditional Love……. THINK about it 😉

And if you legit have a migraine, a toothache, a broken heart, a bad day, a rainy day (or month in Newport), if its like you’re always stuck in second geaaaaar, if it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month or even your yeaaaar,……. just come over and borrow a season 🙂