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crossfit arrives in newport, let the ass kicking begin!

Posted in health, lifestyle with tags , , on March 6, 2010 by jentonelli

Have you been promising yourself for years, this is the day, the week, the decade, I’m going to get in shape? Are you already hitting the gym multiple times a week and seeing minimal results? Or are you just looking to try something different from the old boring routine??? Well, this is so exciting, after months of being on a true CrossFit hiatus, I proudly announce the opening of CrossFit Newport. Hallelujah!

They are still in the early stages, but honestly, that is the best time to get involved! This is when their prices are low, and by starting out with them, you’ll get a great FULL experience as you both grow together…..I’ll tell you much more about CrossFit very soon, but for now, just visit for some important and great information at the main CrossFit site for my roots, (some stunning pictures of me are floating around in those archives) to read up on the bootcamp that has JUST started in Newport, RI, first session is free!!!

When looking into it, if intimidation arises, remember this, “All workouts have scaling options for every fitness level. You don’t have to be in shape to join CrossFit. That’s our job.”

Ciao babies 😉

oh wait, I love chocolate too

Posted in chocolate, lifestyle, recipe with tags , , , on February 26, 2010 by jentonelli

I know I just posted but I had to mention one tiny little wonderful discovery I made with three tiny little wonderful girls.
1. Diego’s Restaurant located in Bowen’s Warf is worth the rainy walk on Thursday nights for $2 tacos and if you get a drink, they are only $1
2. Dessert options are……. please listen very carefully

Chocolate and Banana Empanadas which are $7 for two thick pastries filled with warm chocolate and bananas, baked, covered in sugar and cinnamon, drizzled with caramel and chocolate and paired with strawberry puree. Yes, I ordered them, took them home, devoured them and it was the happiest 10 minutes of my Thursday.

The Dessert Burrito also $7 for one tortilla filled with blueberries and cream cheese, fried, and then rolled and dipped in the same glorious toppings. No, I did not get these too, I’m not a size 2 for nothing… I’ll probably hit the gym at 6 am now, but seriously, go there, go there now, well not now but soon….. Tell them I sent you. They don’t know me, but I’ll still feel cool.