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good things come to those who shop…

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Hi beauties—

My mom emailed me this morning and asked if there was anything specific I wanted for a graduation gift. In high school I asked for a really nice cannon rebel XT camera for graduation. This year, fortunately, I really cannot think of anything that I absolutely need—except for a job and a place to live! But other than that, I really have everything I need and that is a good feeling. I cannot explain how appreciative I am toward my mother. She is one of the most generous women I know! She loves her kids so so much and we love her right back….

Given that there is nothing I need, I decided to think of something I want. Something pretty and special that I wouldn’t normally ask for….

As much as I love love love to shop, I usually only go for clothing and shoes. I am not into designer bags and have never asked for one. I have received some awesome purses for holidays but usually things that others picked out for me and I ended up loving….. again, I am so grateful to be so fortunate.

So I decided to browse around for personalized bags. Something that wasn’t just pretty or designer but had a little intimacy so that I felt that I chose it and my mother felt that I was the only person who had something like this.

I know that Long Champ has an entire website devoted to personalizing their Le Pliage canvas tote bags…. very bright colors and practical for carrying around a lot of things. Tons of girls at my school have them.

*Le Pliage Canvas Totes…..

But I was looking for something a little more authentic and a little more grown up. Something I could carry to work. Something leather and bold, but would still have a personal and fun feeling that was a little more discreet.

Their new line of Le Cabas Leather totes are awesome. Pricy, but awesome. You can choose from an array of colors, Black, Brown, White, Tan, Blue, Clay, Red etc. Then within the bag you can choose a bright color: pink, orange, green butterfly, coral etc. You have four options in the bag size, two options in handle length and then for 10 more bucks you can have your initials on the leather……

*The customizing process….

I fell inlove with this bag immediately. We shall see in about a month if my mother felt the same… either way I thought I would share that great new bag with you!!

*Finished product……

Have a wonderful day!

P.S.— BIG Shoutout to my ENGLISH COMM family!!! Goodluck this weekend! I love you all and will miss you more than you know!!! XOXOX

I wish I may, I wish I might… Have the dress that fits just right

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Good MORNING! or should I say afternoon, where has the day gone?? I have been posted up in the house all day, cleaning, doing laundry, drinking smoothies and green tea. I really should venture outside…. I pulled up all the shades and it looks gorgeous out, however there are about 12 police officers and construction workers stationed RIGHT in front of mi casa and I cannot get out of the driveway.

So, on that note, I have been working on the blog, you might notice a few new visual changes … doing a little school work, as I am graduating in two MONTHS! and of course, my guilty pleasure, online shopping. By online shopping I really mean, looking at things I have fallen in love with and adding them to my ‘wish list’ or ‘shopping cart’, with no money to purchase them but still just looking at these products makes me happy enough for the time being.

As I will be graduating shortly, we have many glorious festivities to attend: the cocktail party, Commencement ball, Commencement, graduation parties, etc., so my lovely girlfriends and I have been dreaming up the perfect outfits for each and every one of these occasions. Three of my closest girlfriends at school just got their Commencement Ball dresses downtown Newport at the Designer Consignment store “WISH”… They are gorgeous, one is BCBG, another Vera Wang, stunning dresses…

So, here I sit, looking through magazines, on websites, searching for the perfect dress that will stand out, fit perfectly, not break my (mother’s) bank account, and be one of a kind…

Then I spotted this beautiful dress. It might not be exactly the right length for a Ball, but the color, design and shape is what I’ve dreamed of. I’ll post it so you can see, now if only I could find the same exact dress in a floor length…

Calvin Klein Petal Applique Dress at Nordstroms… Loveeee<3

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Ciao