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Final Season of The Hills…

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So I don’t usually talk about TV shows and that is mainly because I don’t watch any television show more than once. I have not found a single sitcom that has interested me, a series that has held my attention or a cast that I like. As you know I still watch the Friends DVDs religiously… and if not that, you can find me watching HGTV because I absolutely love watching home renovations and make overs…

Howeverrr…. I will say that I used to love love love Laguna Beach when I was in High School, and mainly because I lOveee Kristin Cavallari!

I think she is so pretty, honest and flat out amazing. She brought the drama to that show but I loved her so it was great….

When she left, so did I and I never watched the spin off The Hills which starred Laguna Beach star Lauren Conrad (LC). But when I heard Kristin was coming back as the main star on The Hills after LC left… you can guess I was very interested.. She was hotter than ever, stealing BF’s left and right… but I still could not help but love her.

I watched the entire season last season and had almost forgot about it until flipping through MTV and the trailer for this season was on. I was Horrified!! Check it out for yourself before you Continue!

As you can see from this–the show touches upon a lot of issues that girls face today. Relationships, cheating, heartbreak, friendships falling apart, but the scariest element of this next season is the f*ed up body image that many girls have. What has become of Heidi (the plastic looking blonde) and what about the drug accusations of Kristin (my girl)….??? I will be extremely interested in seeing how this season plays out and I hope you will join me! The season starts tonight @ 10 on MTV…

For the next few weeks I will be trying to follow the show and recap it for you each week! Love you XOXO

in love: confidence is key

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Jealousy is an inherent aspect of our culture.

With the occasional bitch-fight with your best friend or mother, jealousy is most prominent in our relationships with our boyfriends/girlfriends. But why??

Think of the best relationships you have:

Likely with a parent, a best friend, a sibling, a coworker, even a pet, whoever….

Think of how you act toward that person:

Likely confident, secure, interested, mature, compassionate, positive and unconditional….

Think of your relationship with your partner:

Insecure, dramatic, negative, immature? If so, you might want to evaluate this relationship.

Why is it that we treat our significant other so differently than the other people we claim to love? Why do we constantly get jealous? Cause fights? And set standards that are extremely ridiculous just because they are our boyfriend or girlfriend? When in reality, we would not treat our closest friends or relatives in this manner. We know that our mother will love us unconditionally, even if we have a ton of siblings. We don’t accuse our best friend of cheating on us with their other friends. We aren’t likely to flip out on our coworkers for giving us constructive criticism. And we do not expect our sisters to text us back all day in a timely manner. We know these other people are capable of having lives and friends and still love us back. Why, though, do we often set our boyfriends or girlfriends up to fail? Why can’t we maintain that same confidence and security?

I believe it is one of the most important aspects of a relationship to feel secure, exude confidence and use our best judgment as often as possible. I believe this is the key ingredient to love. If you are successful in your friendships and your familyships, then you should introduce those same values into your relationships. The rules of love are the same for each relationship in your life. People want to be trusted, respected and treated as real people, not as property and not as people who owe you something, especially all of their time. Just as you expect your own space and freedoms, as well as trust, the person you date desires these things to. Give and you shall receive.

Day Two of Cleanse: Chips and Dip???

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Well, our school was shut down due to the rain which was pretty sick, however, I received 4 texts simultaneously about snacks, movies and couching it. The four of us met at the grocery store and I swear I only bought two large Perrier Lime sparkling waters. I was going to just snack on something I already had at home, i.e. nuts, fruit, anything remotely healthy. Well, my dearest friends bought cape cod potato chips and a life-size bucket of french onion dip. After about 4 olives, I decided F this, I’ll have some chips, it’s vacation, let’s go wild. A few chips turned into a chip-induced coma, as my friends watched Benjamin Button, I passed out for the next 3 hours and woke up with a chip-dip hangover. Moral of the story: food really does alter my energy levels and my mood, but snacking and snuggling are two of my favorite things and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Now — a smoothie for dinner and trying to resist the temptation of beginning my vacation today. I must do homework since I have 7 days off… God, help me.

the little black dress

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What is it about that little black dress? You know the one. The one made for you, for your body, your hair, your occasion? That little black dress we have never tried on, but for some reason, the moment we see it, we just know it is going to fit us, and we are going to fit it. We know the dress is going to make us look, feel and be beautiful. It will make us fall in love, and it will make others fall in love with us. The purchase of such a dress will change our entire day, and days afterward, and especially each day we slip it over our heads and look in our full-length mirror. The dress that says, “Hello gorgeous,” and you say it right back. For these next few hours, you and the dress will be combined entities, she will stay by your side all night, long after your friends have gone home or fallen in love. She will give you the confidence to dance, the desire to twirl and the grace to cross the street alone. Maybe a cute pair of heels or a classy set of flats, a long gold chain or a bold colorful necklace, your hair could be up, it could be down, curled or straightened, but the dress doesn’t care. She is your best friend tonight. She invited you out and she got you your first drink. She fit snugly on your hips and perfectly on your shoulders. She even took a few spills, maybe some tugs. That little black dress is the least judging, most flattering, sweetest friend you have. She didn’t even bitch when you stumbled or ran home in the rain. She didn’t whine when you not-so-gracefully unzipped her and ripped her off your head, tossed her in the corner of your room and forgot about her as you drifted off to sleep. No. Little black dress waited patiently for you to wake up, smooth out her lines, and hang her back up. She sat in that closet for two months without a peep. She didn’t cry or yell, she just hung. And unlike any other friend, she didn’t reprimand you when one evening you pulled out a sweater and caught a glimpse of her, recalled what a great dress she was and invited her out for another night, another adventure, another dance. She didn’t say, “Oh, remember me?” She just smiled, happy to see you again and grateful for the night that awaits…

Inspired? Here are a few little black dresses that have caught my eye lately… Visit and choose ‘dress shop’ and then ‘little black dress’ for more hot new dresses!

should we give up things we love?

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Lent. Lent. Lent. What are you? I’m not even Catholic, but for years I have seen my friends get ashes on Wednesday and promise to give up that one thing that has become a bad habit or obsession. A friend gave up dairy… my boyfriend gave up swearing but I will tell you he has been unfuckingsuccessful… and another friend promised to give up TWO things which I thought was a little much: sugar and her ex. I can tell you she has refused the four boxes of Girl Scout Cookies that sit up on my bureau, but the EX factor- not so much. And I’ll tell you exactly why, because she is no where near ready to give him up and today, I decided, that’s ok.

Sometimes, we find something or someone and they latch on like a leach. They begin to consume us. They break us down to our very worst selves. The trick is, these people also maintain the ability to make us feel like no other. Well, fuck. How the hell am I supposed to give up something that makes me feel better than anyone else can. Sure that person may never grow up, stop dicking around or pulling the same bull shit, but really, when he’s good, he’s better than everything. I hear that, and don’t deny it,  you hear that too.

I have been on the anti-ex side of this battle for a few years, I have bit my tongue and I have bitched the same argument against him, but today, and maybe only today, I say, unless you are entirely willing to give something up, save those attempts, because the harder you try the further you’ll fall back into it. I say, rather than quitting cold turkey, let go slowly, because unless YOU believe in the decision, YOU will keep going back to it. I know each time he hurts her, my friend is right on board with the rest of us, “he’s a dick, I need to let go, he is mentally mind fucking me” but then there are those great weekends, those times he says he loves her, and she says, “I just need to relax, I need to change for him”. And I know exactly at that moment that she has been sucked back in.

I have no idea how long it will go on until he either grows up or she gives up, but today I pray she is happy because really that matters more than anything.

And for the rest of us, try giving up something you believe in. For me, for some reason, it was coffee, it has been successful thus far, I have been drinking a cup of tea every time I want coffee. But I am not going to lie, my life has been falling apart slowly and I dream of coffee beans and espresso shots every night…


i’ll be thereee for yooooooou….

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Words cannot express the joy that the series, “Friends” brought to my life. I’m not exaggerating and anyone who knows me will back me up. What other six people bring such charisma, diversity and comedy to a sitcom, exemplify sibling love, friendship, sexual tension and parent-child resentment, all while appealing to both male and female, young and old, single and married audiences alike. I may be biased, but my connection to Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross is irreplaceable. No TV Show will ever compare.

When the show had its final season, I was probably in 8th grade. DEPRESSION. I hysterically cried at about four times in the shows’ lifetime: When Ross finds out that Rachel loves him and he shows up at the coffee house in the rain, “With or Without You” plays and they kiss!!! Ahhh. Then when Rachel and Ross broke up the first time and she sits in the window, Ross calls Monica and tells her to put on the radio, he requests “With or Without You”, Third, when Chandler and Monica get engagedddd…. of course. And Finally, the season finale. Standing together in the kitchen. With the Purple door with the gold frame around the peep hole, my heart literally broke.

That being said, my mom bought me all ten seasons one year for christmas, fairly recently, probably four years go. She ordered some ghetto version that had chinese/japanese writing all over it and was dubbed half the time and all fucked up pardon my language, but to say the least I was pisssssssed. MOM! This is ruining the show for me. It was skipping, it was shutting off automatically. I was a mess over it. I probably didn’t eat or sleep over this. DEVASTATION!!!

Knock-off Chinese Version

So being the brat that I do not deny being, my mom got me the REAL ten seasons of Friends, complete with commentary, in ENGLISH, and a Coffee Table book with insider information on the show. DEDICATION my friends, DEDICATION……..

Actual Complete Box Set……

Will the cast reunite for a movie, probably not, even though Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox still have the amazing figures from their 20s.. Probably not… Will I stop pretending they are my real friends, quoting them, falling back on them for advice, dreaming I am the seventh friend? Absolutely not. But sometimes, and I say this only after more than 10 years of true understanding of the show, the cast and all its entirety, Love is the only word acceptable enough for your feeling of something. This my bloggies, is Unconditional Love……. THINK about it 😉

And if you legit have a migraine, a toothache, a broken heart, a bad day, a rainy day (or month in Newport), if its like you’re always stuck in second geaaaaar, if it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month or even your yeaaaar,……. just come over and borrow a season 🙂