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the little black dress

Posted in lifestyle, shopping with tags , , , , on March 22, 2010 by jentonelli

What is it about that little black dress? You know the one. The one made for you, for your body, your hair, your occasion? That little black dress we have never tried on, but for some reason, the moment we see it, we just know it is going to fit us, and we are going to fit it. We know the dress is going to make us look, feel and be beautiful. It will make us fall in love, and it will make others fall in love with us. The purchase of such a dress will change our entire day, and days afterward, and especially each day we slip it over our heads and look in our full-length mirror. The dress that says, “Hello gorgeous,” and you say it right back. For these next few hours, you and the dress will be combined entities, she will stay by your side all night, long after your friends have gone home or fallen in love. She will give you the confidence to dance, the desire to twirl and the grace to cross the street alone. Maybe a cute pair of heels or a classy set of flats, a long gold chain or a bold colorful necklace, your hair could be up, it could be down, curled or straightened, but the dress doesn’t care. She is your best friend tonight. She invited you out and she got you your first drink. She fit snugly on your hips and perfectly on your shoulders. She even took a few spills, maybe some tugs. That little black dress is the least judging, most flattering, sweetest friend you have. She didn’t even bitch when you stumbled or ran home in the rain. She didn’t whine when you not-so-gracefully unzipped her and ripped her off your head, tossed her in the corner of your room and forgot about her as you drifted off to sleep. No. Little black dress waited patiently for you to wake up, smooth out her lines, and hang her back up. She sat in that closet for two months without a peep. She didn’t cry or yell, she just hung. And unlike any other friend, she didn’t reprimand you when one evening you pulled out a sweater and caught a glimpse of her, recalled what a great dress she was and invited her out for another night, another adventure, another dance. She didn’t say, “Oh, remember me?” She just smiled, happy to see you again and grateful for the night that awaits…

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