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Final Season of The Hills…

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So I don’t usually talk about TV shows and that is mainly because I don’t watch any television show more than once. I have not found a single sitcom that has interested me, a series that has held my attention or a cast that I like. As you know I still watch the Friends DVDs religiously… and if not that, you can find me watching HGTV because I absolutely love watching home renovations and make overs…

Howeverrr…. I will say that I used to love love love Laguna Beach when I was in High School, and mainly because I lOveee Kristin Cavallari!

I think she is so pretty, honest and flat out amazing. She brought the drama to that show but I loved her so it was great….

When she left, so did I and I never watched the spin off The Hills which starred Laguna Beach star Lauren Conrad (LC). But when I heard Kristin was coming back as the main star on The Hills after LC left… you can guess I was very interested.. She was hotter than ever, stealing BF’s left and right… but I still could not help but love her.

I watched the entire season last season and had almost forgot about it until flipping through MTV and the trailer for this season was on. I was Horrified!! Check it out for yourself before you Continue!

As you can see from this–the show touches upon a lot of issues that girls face today. Relationships, cheating, heartbreak, friendships falling apart, but the scariest element of this next season is the f*ed up body image that many girls have. What has become of Heidi (the plastic looking blonde) and what about the drug accusations of Kristin (my girl)….??? I will be extremely interested in seeing how this season plays out and I hope you will join me! The season starts tonight @ 10 on MTV…

For the next few weeks I will be trying to follow the show and recap it for you each week! Love you XOXO

Listen Up: Alicia Keys is myyy girlll

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Alicia Keys is not only talented she’s so f*ing hot! I love her music and her new album “Element of Freedom” has been stuck in my head all week….. This song that has become a favorite of mine- “Unthinkable (I’m Ready) -Check it…

Forever Young….? Yuppp

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Just browsing through the April issue of Allure and instantly noticed a trend! The whole issue is about age, ways to look younger, ways to fake your age, actresses who played parts in films that were WAY off from their real age…. Some pretty good stuff in here. But what I found interesting was this quick piece called “25 Ways to Look Younger–Instantly!” Many of the tricks are really simple.. no Botox here! Now given I’m only 22, I don’t know how much younger I want to look, but in a few years I’ll definitely want to remember these. Here are a few I found interesting and almost ridiculous, but who knows.. Check it–

#1 “the easiest way to take years off your face? three words: wear less makeup.” Agreed.

#5 “get a pedicure at least once a month!” <– of course I love this one!!

#8 “spritz on a grapefruit fragrance… women who wear them are perceived to be ten years younger. seriously” … Hmm, maybe when the perceiver is blind folded?

#16 “wear nail polish or a ring. researchers have found that doing so makes your hands look younger.” Any excuse to paint my nails… but I neverrrr wear rings.

#20 “go to bed an hour earlier. you’ll reduce dark circles, perk up sallow skin and improve your mood.” I really need to start doing this… maybe after college!

#23 “have more sex. doing it three times a week makes women look up to ten years younger.” sure, why not?

One of my personal favorites who has definitely mastered the art of fighting age, which you should know by now, is Jennifer Aniston. There is a lot of gossip over whether she has had plastic surgery or not, and frankly, I don’t think it matters. She eats well, she exercises and she even used a few of Allure’s look-younger tips….

Jen looks even hotter now in her 40s than she did in her 20s….. Maybe because she used tip #3 “whiten your teeth,” #6 “add highlights to your hair,” #19 “warm up your make up,” and #22 “switch from lipstick to soft pink or rose gloss.”

Mani/Pedi Anyone? OPI Summer 2010 Colors

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Hi Beauties! You didn’t think I would neglect those pretty nails of yours this summer, did you? The most important time of year to get manis and pedis?? Of course not!!! Seriously, summer is the perfect time for flaunting your fingers and toes…. beach trips, weddings, grad parties, girl’s night out, going dancing, sitting by the pool, all in peep toe heels, flip flops, open-toe wedges, I hope! You need bright colors to compliment those sundresses I imagine you’ve been shopping for. Fortunately, OPI didn’t forget you either. The OPI Summer Flutter Collection 2010 arrives this May… only a few more weeks! Check it!

Makes you want to dance in a field of daisies doesn’t it?

Here are the four hot new colors:

~*Flower-to-Flower* ~ *Flirt-a-Bit* ~ *Wing It* ~ *Catch Me in Your Net*~

I Heart ‘The Diaries of Adam and Eve’

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For the remainder of my Capstone class, we are reading The Diaries of Adam and Eve by Mark Twain. I was hesitant to even open the book because of all the other work I had piling on top of my life. I sat in our school’s coffee shop, Jazzman’s, deliberating this daunting task. Every single book I am assigned to read for classes such as Capstone, What it Means to Be Human, Seeking Wisdom, etc. is usually horrifying and leaves me miserable. I opened up the book and noticed how little text was on each page. I decided, this can’t be that hard. In 10 minutes, I had read like 65 pages. I then realized it was time for class and I didn’t want to stop reading. So, of course, I read it throughout the entire class instead of paying attention to the discussion on the book. I figured I was learning either way:

Picture from my phone of the easy-to-read pages of Mark Twain’s The Diaries of Adam and Eve

Before I go any further, I just need to tell you this book is great. Twain uses his knowledge of men and women and the ‘historical’ facts of the biblical story of Adam and Eve, and tells this remarkable tale of humanity. My teacher told me that the story is actually about Twain and his wife. Through his personal experience, Twain pin points even the most bare qualities of men and women that still exist today. It is playful, funny, romantic and well-written in short, hilarious diary entries.

Here is the first excerpt of Adam’s Diary:

MONDAY — This new creature with the long hair is a good deal in the way. It is always hanging around and following me about. I don’t like this; I am not used to company. I wish it would stay with the other animals. . . . Cloudy today, wind in the east; think we shall have rain. . . . WE? Where did I get that word-the new creature uses it.

The first from Eve:

SATURDAY — I am almost a whole day old, now. I arrived yesterday. That is as it seems to me. And it must be so, for if there was a day-before-yesterday I was not there when it happened, or I should remember it. It could be, of course, that it did happen, and that I was not noticing. Very well; I will be very watchful now, and if any day-before-yesterdays happen I will make a note of it. It will be best to start right and not let the record get confused, for some instinct tells me that these details are going to be important to the historian some day. For I feel like an experiment, I feel exactly like an experiment; it would be impossible for a person to feel more like an experiment than I do, and so I am coming to feel convinced that that is what I AM — an experiment; just an experiment, and nothing more.
Then if I am an experiment, am I the whole of it? No, I think not; I think the rest of it is part of it. I am the main part of it, but I think the rest of it has its share in the matter. Is my position assured, or do I have to watch it and take care of it? The latter, perhaps. Some instinct tells me that eternal vigilance is the price of supremacy. [That is a good phrase, I think, for one so young.]
Everything looks better today than it did yesterday. In the rush of finishing up yesterday, the mountains were left in a ragged condition, and some of the plains were so cluttered with rubbish and remnants that the aspects were quite distressing. Noble and beautiful works of art should not be subjected to haste; and this majestic new world is indeed a most noble and beautiful work. And certainly marvelously near to being perfect, notwithstanding the shortness of the time. There are too many stars in some places and not enough in others, but that can be remedied presently, no doubt. The moon got loose last night, and slid down and fell out of the scheme-a very great loss; it breaks my heart to think of it. There isn’t another thing among the ornaments and decorations that is comparable to it for beauty and finish. It should have been fastened better. If we can only get it back again —

The diaries were written separately and later compiled into one book. Each character’s entries truly touch upon the realities of love and the differences between men and women. There are hundreds of books, blogs, websites and articles discussing the ways that men and women behave differently. And while these theories of psychology, science and nature are all interesting, this book writes these differences in such a simple manner, that it seems to answer more questions than that other bull-shit relationship propaganda.

Even though Eve and Adam have such seemingly different approaches to almost every single event that occurs, from naming things, to lifestyle choices to how they treat their children, I believe that the understanding of these differences is a good place for love to start. Throughout the novel we question Adam’s understanding of Eve. He resents her voice because he was used to quiet. He dislikes her attention because he enjoyed his peace. He does not like when she tells him what to do, names objects for no reason, cries when he might get hurt and cares for their child more than the other animals. All of these things begin as annoyances because Adam does not understand the need for anything she does. Later, in Eve’s diary, an extract from Adam’s diary is provided. It must be the first moment that Adam feels love:

Perhaps I ought to remember that she is very young, a mere girl and make allowances. She is all interest, eagerness, vivacity, the world is to her a charm, a wonder, a mystery, a joy; she can’t speak for delight when she finds a new flower, she must pet it and caress it and smell it and talk to it, and pour out endearing names upon it. And she is color-mad: brown rocks, yellow sand, gray moss, green foliage, blue sky; the pearl of the dawn, the purple shadows on the mountains, the golden islands floating in crimson seas at sunset, the pallid moon sailing through the shredded cloud-rack, the star-jewels glittering in the wastes of space — none of them is of any practical value, so far as I can see, but because they have color and majesty, that is enough for her, and she loses her mind over them. If she could quiet down and keep still a couple minutes at a time, it would be a reposeful spectacle. In that case I think I could enjoy looking at her; indeed I am sure I could, for I am coming to realize that she is a quite remarkably comely creature-lithe, slender, trim, rounded, shapely, nimble, graceful; and once when she was standing marble-white and sun-drenched on a boulder, with her young head tilted back and her hand shading her eyes, watching the flight of a bird in the sky, I recognized that she was beautiful.

An artistic remake of Adam and Eve – “Human Body Art”

I suggest you find a copy the next time you go to the book store, if anything for the comedy and endearing quality that this book evokes, but hopefully so that you learn a thing or two ❤

Hair, There & Everywhere…

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Holaaa…. I just got my hair trimmed and it made me think of how important the health of a girl’s hair really is. So I wanted to pass along a few tips that I have learned over the past ten years (since I started coloring my hair WAY too early)… and hope I can get in your head, pun intended.

1. Don’t Start. If you have never colored your hair, do not start now. Your hair is gorgeous and most complementing in its natural hue. I wish I knew this when I was 13 and my mother let me dye my hair. I have been highlighted, black, bleach, a mixture of the two. I have only given up coloring in the past few months and it is really hard… but it will be worth it when my hair is completely back to its natural color.

2. Quit. If you color your hair now, try to quit. Unless you need to cover some grays, try to stop.

3. Wash less. Try to wash your hair as little as possible without it looking too greasy. You can shower and wet it, but really, 3-4 times a week should be the MAX. The natural oils that your hair produces are GOOD and keep your hair looking younger, longer!!

4. The colder, the better. Hot water dries out your hair AND your skin. Your hair will age faster and your skin will develop wrinkles from using hot water, so try to stay on the cooler side and keep the length of your shower to a minimum. (I confess, I take the LONGEST showers, EVER).

5. Cold = Shine. If you rinse your hair with cold water at the end of your shower, it will close the hair follicles and make your hair look shiny all day. This is also beneficial for your skin, cold water closes the pores and keeps toxins out and the nutrients in!

6. Product = Bad. Try not to use hairspray. It is bad for your hair and for the ozone. Its unnecessary, but if you must use it, search for an organic brand, like this one:

Love, Peace & The Planet  Free Ur Mind  Firm Hold Hairspray

7. Hot tools to a minimum. Remember, natural is beautiful. Just because stick straight hair is in right now, doesn’t mean it will be forever. Especially when you notice 5,000 hairs in your drain. If you need to run a straightener through it, do it on a low setting and quickly as possible. When the fad is out, you’ll be happy your hair still looks ‘in’.

8. Trim = Length. Many girls who want long hair, refuse to cut it. Getting a quick trim every 6 weeks will make your hair grow faster and look healthier during the process. If you don’t cut it, it will take forever to grow and look dead the entire time.

9. Warmer climates make your hair grow faster. You might notice your hair is sprouting quick right now as the temperature warms up. The winter stunts the growth of your hair, as it stunts the growth of just about everything.

10. SPF for Hair! Remember, they make hair sunscreen, so even if you are loving what the sun is doing to your length, it needs protection just like your skin. The SPF should prevent damage and color fading. Try this one:Oscar Blandi Capri Sun-Shield @ Sephora

What do I wear to bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course.

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For those of you have experienced the luxurious scent of Chanel No. 5, and for those of you who only know it by name, it is definitely in large part to the brand endorsement of Marilyn Monroe back in 1953 that contributed to the success of the ‘most legendary fragrance’ of all time…

When asked what she wore to bed, Marilyn replied: “Five drops of No. 5″…the fragrance still sits at the top of the shelves and remains a number one seller in women’s perfumes.

In the spirit of scent, I must say, perfume is absolutely the first thing I put on each day. After a shower is the best time to put your perfume on, your pores are still open so the scent will last longer. Also, do not rub your wrists together, that only removes the scent. Dab it on your wrist, behind your ear and if you like a little more, spritz it in the air then walk through it so it will leave a hint on your clothing and hair.

When I sit next to a woman in a theatre, or stand behind one in line at the grocery store, the first thing I will notice is her fragrance. There is nothing I appreciate more in the world of beauty than a unique, feminine and confident scent.

Here are a few scents I adore, either smelling them on my friends, strangers, in malls or have worn myself:

This is the fragrance I wore all through high school. I can still recognize it when someone has it on…

Gucci – Rush

My best friends mother worked for Ralph Lauren and sent us a sample of this. I was hooked and got the bottle a year ago Christmas…. Love is the perfect name for it, I loooove it!

Ralph Lauren – Love

My man got me this fresh scent last year for my 21st birthday… I wear it whenever I go out with him, and YES he notices…

Burberry Brit – Sheer

This is my mother’s signature scent. Whenever I smell it, I think of her… It’s definitely a classic!

Dolce & Gabbana – Light Blue

If there was one luxurious and unnecessary thing I could have an endless supply of it would be perfumes. I would want a whole room filled with tiny glass jars, ones with pumps that you spray on you like a queen, the ones with jeweled embellishments. I would wear a different one everyday, I would never leave home without a little scented love. If only all my dreams could come true…

Remember, the best accessory to any outfit is perfume…. I think Coco Chanel put it best when she said “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” Think about it!