Love is wonderful isn’t it. I’m blogging about it because, well, it runs my life. I think I can measure my life in the amount of understanding I have for the things I love, including myself. Confidence, happiness and constant chaos comes from love. Not just for a guy or a friend, but for cheese and chocolate, for Jennifer Aniston and for cuddling. I don’t know everything, but I know this, the one thing that has never, ever, scared me is love. I’m not afraid to talk about it, embrace it, let it change and rule my life. I give into my desires and I surround myself with people who I feel comfortable enough to get close to. I may fuck around in school or work, but when it comes to love, I don’t falter. Songs, movies, books, quotes, commercials, Christmas cards, fortune cookies, inspiring messages on tea bags, all remind me of something I need, want and love. So I’ll use those moments of “ah-ha” and bring them back to you… if you think you can handle it….. not just the sentimental side, but the vulgar side too, this is theTRUTHaboutLOVE.


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