And we’re back in 5… 4… 3.. 2..

Has it really been 7 months since I graduated college? Am I really still unemployed? Yes and yes.

When I was little, the most challenging part about my future was deciding between becoming an actress or a lawyer. I wasn’t much for decisions so I landed on having a tv series about being a lawyer. Even years later in college it wasn’t so much the question of “will I get a job at a magazine” but more of “which magazine should I work for? Self? Glamour?” Life has never seemed impossible to me, it was never would James and I get together but Whennn? I have such belief in myself that only now am I realizing how difficult life can be. Was I spoiled? Was I living behind gold plated doors? Yes.. But even more so I just had this feeling that anything bad that could happen wouldn’t happen to me.

So after months of denial I have finally reached my acceptance phase and this blog is going to discuss the reasons why we deny things that are right in front of us- in love, fitness, food, family… Anything we have issues with. Here are a few things I can now say I have been in a complete naïve state of denial about…

1. Moving in with my boyfriend of 2 years will definitely fix any communication/emotional problems we have steadily had.

2. My highschool metabolism will last forever and I can eat anything I want.

3. If I work out for 3 weeks and stop for 3 weeks and continue this pattern, I’m in shape.

4. Facebook is a great networking tool, so if I read everyone’s status’ all day everyday… I’m technically actively searching for a job.

5. The people you first start being friends with in middle school are the best friends you’ll ever have.

Tomorrow… We’ll discuss how I got over these ideas…

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