love that dirty water….

Seriously, I never thought I would go to school in Rhode Island, nevermind actually think of missing it now that these four years are coming to an end! To tell you the truth, I almost transferred about three separate times when I was a freshmen and sophomore! Can you believe that? Now I barely go home. I have a life here now; I have a whole new group of friends, a boyfriend, a home (rental, but I love it so much), plus I am in Newport, Providence, Cranston and Jamestown at least once a week. I’m like a little RI Native these days. But long before I settled in the ocean state… I was just a good old Boston girl….

Boston Skyline at Night

But as the baseball season starts up I have to admit, my love for Boston still outweighs this tiny little state. The Redsox, Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market etc. I love the feel of the city. It is not so big like NYC that you feel overwhelmed, but not anywhere near as small as Providence. I like the people, the streets, the SHOPPING and the architecture. I love Boston accents!! I love the view of the skyline at night and seeing people walking, running or biking along the Charles River during the day. I love seeing laser shows at the Museum of Science, visiting the Aquarium and the MFA and going to the Charles Play House Theatre to see Blue Man Group! My two all-time favorite things to do are walk Newbury Street with my family and hit the shops then stop at Charley‘s for lunch or go to the Red Sox game with friends or family and get dinner after or go out for drinks! There is just so much to do in Boston and it is 20 minutes from my hometown! Click some of the links provided to check out some of my favorite places (And for the sake of my English 452 Class… I am receiving no compensation for linking these places ;))

Fenway Park (Fenway Pahk* if you’re from here)

The Charles River (You would also drop the ‘r’ in Charles…)

Faneuil Hall at Christmas Time! How Beautiful….

Newbury Street… (Keep that ‘R’ right where it belongs)

If you have yet to visit Boston, I suggest you get there now…. Every season is perfect for visting, but while this gorgeous spring weather is upon us… Get out there!!! Ciao babies XOXO

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