Mandra & Brad: Heart Transplant

Mandra Biscornet was my dance teacher at Dance New England for 6 years. She is beautiful on and off the dance floor and still continues to teach there. As much time and compassion as she brought to our class, we never truly knew Mandra, the person, just Miss Mandra, the teacher. We knew she was challenging, flawless in her technique and one of the strongest dancers we had ever seen. Still, our efforts to learn rarely exceeded the dance technique.One of my best friends, Kati, just informed me that Mandra was in a commercial for Brigham and Women’s hospital. Before even asking why or for what reason, I rushed to the Internet to find out. Luckily, the web makes it SO easy to find almost anything. A quick YouTube search directed me to “Mandra and Brad’s Story”. I watched the full-length 7 minute video but here is a 26 second clip in honor of Mandra and her husband, who thanks to Brigham and Women’s, has survived a high risk heart transplant and has given them both a chance to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. Although I never met Brad, I am so grateful that Mandra’s story is a successful one with a happy ending. Her and Brad’s love a true testament to what it means to love someone through the hardest moments. Love is not always about the easy times, and it can bring you to the point where you even have to let go of the one you love. Mandra moved into the hospital with her husband for months as his disease got worse and they waited for a donor. Fortunately, a donor came in time and they are both doing great. Here is the commercial:


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