the truth about growing up…

Today marks a big day for me, (as well as my fellow senior friends and peers). It is not the beginning of anything, or the end of anything, but it is the middle of everything. I am graduating college in less than two months. Today I had a thesis meeting with my advisor and I made big leaps toward progress and the development of my senior thesis on women’s magazines, which I will be presenting the weekend of April 22nd. I also attended a career fair filled with potential employers and recruiters, and in a few hours I will sit amongst my English department and alum from my university at a career networking dinner held just for English majors….. Today, I realize, I am growing up.

As I frazzle around the town meeting with professors, printing out resumes, making copies, ordering graduation party invitations, meeting with the maintenance man since our door is broken, emailing teachers, searching for the perfect outfit, I can’t help but smile. Maybe it’s the weather that makes this day less stressful than it might be on a rainy day, but I am secretly pumped about this new chapter of my life.

I just wanted to send good luck out to all my classmates and friends as we embark on a crazy adventure and cross my fingers that we all get into the grad schools we want, get the jobs of our dreams, and make enough money to still pay our rent, expenses, loans and still the ability to travel and shop once in a while !

Have a good day and much love


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