dear goat cheese, i love you

I think I’ve probably mentioned that I like cheese. Yes, but today, today is about goat cheese. Creamy, pungent, wonderful, delicious I want to live in a land of goat cheese!

Did you know you can get it in almost any shape of cheese offered? In a wheel, in a log, in a cone or a button? You can get it so it is smooth and creamy, or crumbly-umbly. You can put it on a cracker, or a bagel. Sprinkle it on your salad. Add it to a sandwich… PIZZA… ahh I forgot about goat cheese pizza. You can buy goat cheese yogurt which seriously anything that allows me to eat goat cheese before 9 am is okay with me.

If you are like me, you might like cream cheese. Well, consider this: You can put goat cheese on a bagel, if you get it in a creamier form, it has less fat, calories and cholesterol and tastes so much richer!!

I’m not going to lie to you, goat cheese is expensive. But I believe food to be the most worthy of my low bank account. I over draft for dinner, I transfer from my savings for lunch…. I may be in college but I’d rather skip a month of drinking and eat good, tasty, hearty and delicious meals.

Here is the one thing I know how to make, it is so simple and if you buy the ingredients the way I do, it will give you a week’s worth of salad with dinner!!! Or you could share with your roommates if you’re nice:

Goat Cheese Love Salad

1 bag of Arugula Spring Mix Salad

1 bag of Craisins

1 Log of Goat Cheese *(A great fresh Petite Buche that I love)* …..

1 bag of candied walnuts

Any balsamic vinaigrette dressing you prefer

**These ingredients will last you a few salads or you can make one big bowl for a dinner party!

Mix it all up in a salad bowl and indulge…. Simple right? You can add green apple slices, grapes, or pine nuts, mandarin oranges, figs are delish, just be creative.

Let me know if you like it, and I truly hope an appreciation for the wonder that is goat cheese arises from this experience !!! ❤


One Response to “dear goat cheese, i love you”

  1. Ok, menu set. Goat cheese salad for dinner. Take-out empanadas from Diego’s for dessert. Yum!

    I’ve never seen goat cheese yogurt before. Can you get that around here?

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