aint it good to know, you’ve got a friend…

Last night, after one of the longest days of my senior year, I was driving. It was pouring out, I was congested, sneezing, sniffling, coughing, best sleep I ever got with a cold kind of feeling, and I remember my iPod was charged. YES! iPods, what wonderful little inventions. Especially your own ipod. The one that has terrible songs in the mix of socially acceptable songs, that you’re semi embarrassed when other people hear. For me those songs are usually Bette Midler, “The Rose” and Something Corporate, “Konstantine” etc. You get the picture, we all have those songs that just bring us to this memory or this face we have forgotten. Sometimes I will hear a song and instantly think of a high school scene and it is like a mini movie of my life is playing and my iPod is the soundtrack. So on comes James Taylor “You’ve Got a Friend” and I’m back. I’m 18, I’m naive, I’m innocent. I’m sneaking out and sneaking back in to my house. I’m driving in a car with friends. I’m with Matt. Matt, my best friend from high school. He is handsome and sweet, funny and artistic. He plays the guitar and loves ping pong for some odd reason. He always wants to go to the movies with me. He makes fun of me for everything. Matt. He died in high school. My senior year. I was 18. He was 19. Where does time go? Where do people go? Every single time I hear a James Taylor song, Matt is in my front seat, suddenly. I have to listen to the song, all the way through. I have to. He needs to hear it too. He loved James Taylor. We often say we love our girl friend or our boyfriend. We say we love our mom and our dad. But I didn’t tell Matt I loved him. I was only 18. He was a boy. I couldn’t tell him I “loved” him, he would have thought I wanted to date him. He told me he loved me once, but I never told him. Love is powerful. Everytime I hear a song and Matt shows up in my front seat, I make sure I tell him. He must have known, but he is certain now.

James Taylor, You’ve Got a Friend

Matthew David, February 2, 1987 ~ June 5, 2006


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