food for thought…

Each woman is different. We must remember this. We are not all the same and why would we want to be? Where is the fun in that? Your mother always told you to be yourself, didn’t she? But the self that we project each day to the world is more like the self we project to our loved one than we think. Many woman who aim toward a healthy lifestyle, often forget to implement health into their relationships…

Think of your bad habits… you may not realize it, but the more negative habits you have in life, the more you will have in love. Are you a chronic nail biter? Smoker? Heavy drinker? Binge eater? Procrastinator? TV addict? Constantly late? Constantly early? Worry too much? Worry too little? Mildly OCD? Disfunctionally messy? Too critical or just too forgiving? Chances are you are one or more of these things. We all are. We all have flaws. We think that our obsession with cleanliness and the gym has nothing to do with our search for the perfect mate. We think that our tendency to slack in school and live in a constant clutter has nothing to do with our low standards and history of dating deadbeats. If you start to look at what your bad habits say about you, you will start to pick up on how they play a role in your relationships, not just with men, but with all people, and mostly with yourself.

Go to the grocery store, shop around. Don’t spend too much, but don’t deprive yourself of a healthy diet. Stay on the perimeters of the store, where the freshness is: the good-for-you fruits, vegetables and meats. Smell things, read labels, check dates, compare prices. These things are important because you are putting them into your body. Love is the Same. You are letting it inside your one and only body, soul and mind. So choose wisely. Ask yourself, Is this relationship fresh? Because you should feel good about yourself, inside and out after spending time together. You should feel mentally nourished. You should feel full but not sickly. Satisfied but not regretful. Love is a key nutrient for your mind like vitamins are to your body.

Eat well balanced meals, get fresh air, sleep a full 7 hours, take bubble baths, paint your nails, go for long walks. Try to find a relationship that fits into a happy and healthy balanced lifestyle. Because taking care of your self does not stop at food and vitamins, without positive emotional stimulation, you might as well be skipping the gym, and eating that plate of nachos.


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