let’s talk about needs, shall we?

What can I say, I have needs. I need coffee each morning and I need a nap usually around 3 p.m. every day. I need chocolate after meals and I need to feel pretty when I go out. I could live without these things, but not happily, so therefore, I categorize them as needs. And while I could learn to live happily without them, deep down, I know I would miss them. Did I mention I need cheese? Because I do. And why give something up that I don’t want to and technically don’t have to? Of course there are people in the world living without, whether they choose to, or they have no choice. But my point is, just like daily cups of coffee, every person needs attention. Someone out there made us believe that this was wrong. Some guy called some girl needy and it stuck and now every girl who needs something is needy and every guy is suddenly this poor thing who can’t catch a break from his girl. Attention, let me tell you, is the most underrated thing in a relationship and any girl or guy who tries to say they don’t need attention is flat out lying. I’m not over generalizing, I am stating facts.

Why are girls so needy?

This is a common misconception men have about women…

Who the hell invented this term? And since when is needy the same as having needs? Do you need your laundry done? Do you need twenty minutes of self-indulgent silence after sex? Do you need baked goods and slutty lingerie? Well, I’m assuming you could live without all of those things, and I’m sure you don’t go around referring to yourself as needy. Of course not, because needy to you, is a girl who wants a phone call returned, followed by a nice gesture, charming compliment and possibly chocolate, and cheese while you’re at it. Guess what, it goes both ways… it always has and it always will. So, if what you need defines you, then I’m love and you’re a blow job.


One Response to “let’s talk about needs, shall we?”

  1. Thanks for the advice. Will put it to work. Tom

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